Ultrasonic Humidifier Manual

We're experts in improving indoor air quality, and our ultrasonic humidifier will dissipate dryness and increase moisture wherever you choose to use it. To ensure optimal performance, please read this guide carefully before use. The ultrasonic humidifier atomizes water into ultra-fine particles using the principle of ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation, and diffuses water into the air through a pneumatic device to evenly humidify the air.


Fig. 2 TOP VIEW OF BASE Fig. 2
Fig. 3 TOP VIEW Fig. 3
Fig. 4-1 CONTROLS Fig. 4-2 CONTROLS Fig. 4-3 CONTROLS Fig. 4-4 CONTROLS Fig. 4


Please read carefull before use
  • 1 Thoroughly inspect unit in its entirety for any cracks, chips, or damage which could cause the unit to leak.
    DO NOT USE if any damage is found.
  • 2 Only a professional or authorized repairman should repair this appliance.
  • 3 If the power supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, a certified service agent or a similarly qualified person to avoid hazard and electrocution.
  • 4 If the unit has an abnormal sound or odor while in operation, please shut it down immediately and disconnect the power plug. Any repair must be done by a professional repairman.
  • 5 When the unit is not used for extended durations of time, please set to off, drain all water, and unplug.
  • 6 Please hold the water tank using two hands when adding water to avoid dropping the water tank.
  • 7 When the unit is on, DO NOT remove the water tank./span>
  • 8 DO NOT operate the unit when the water tank is empty.
  • 9 Do not add any chemical agents to the base or water tank. Do not add essential oils to the base or water tank. Only add essential oils to the specified essential oil tray as outlined in this manual. (See Fig. 1 Exploded Diagram)
  • 10 Before cleaning or moving the unit, turn off and disconnect the plug from its power source.
  • 11 When in operation, never place your hand inside the base or near the atomizer as it is dangerous and may cause electrocution.
  • 12 Do not add hot water above 104 °F to the water tank to avoid discoloration and distortion.
  • 13 Do not plug the unit into any type of power source with wet hands to avoid the risk of electric shock.
  • 14 Connect only the electrical plug to a secure wall socket.
  • 15 Ideal operating environment: Temperature: 41- 104°F, Humidity: <80% RH.
  • 16 IMPORTANT: Using tap water with a high mineral content aka "hard water" with any humidifier can cause a fine white dust to be emitted. To avoid this, use distilled or demineralized water.
  • 17 Do not place any metals, chemicals or detergents into the water tank or base; may cause poor atomization.
  • 18 Never pour out the remaining water from the water base without unplugging and powering down the unit (power turned to OFF), otherwise the atomizer will burn out immediately.

Operating enviroment

  • 1 Place unit on a firm, flat and dry surface.
  • 2 Keep humidifier away from children and infants.
  • 8 Place the unit 6ft away from TVs, audio equipment, and any other, electronic appliances.
  • 3 DO NOT use this appliance in any kind of inflammable environment.
  • 4 Keep unit away from any heat source, i.e. heaters, furnaces, and avoid direct sunlight.
  • 9 Place the unit on a firm, steady, flat and dry surface. Avoid any inclination.
  • 5 Keep unit in normal room temperatures. Do not operate the unit in freezing temperatures.
  • 6 Direct nozzle to spray mist away from furniture and electric appliances, as they may become damp or be left with a white powder like residue.
  • 7 Please follow the recommendations in the illustration below to properly store your humidifier in your home.
  • 10 Place the unit away from any heat sources, such as furnaces, and avoid direct sunlight.
  • 11 Do not place the unit near curtains.
  • 12 IMPORTANT: Using tap water with a high mineral content aka "hard water" with any humidifier can cause a fine white dust to be emitted. To avoid this, use distilled or demineralized water.


  • 1 Make sure unit is unplugged and the knob is turned all the way to the left (counter-clockwise) and is set to the OFF position. You should be able to feel and hear a small click when the unit is turned from ON to OFF and from OFF to ON.
  • 2 With both hands, lift water tank off base and flip over to avoid water from dripping from bottom of tank. Optional: Decorative cover/nozzle is removable to gain access to the handle to lift tank off the base with 1 hand. Note: Lifting the tank using the handle may cause some water to drip from bottom of tank, so using both hands to flip tank upside down is recommended. If decorative cover/nozzle is removed, make sure to reattach them to water tank prior to use.
  • 3 Twist open the valvеe.
  • 4 Fill with water.
    DO NOT add any other substance other than tap water or filtered water.
  • 5 Reattach valve to water tank and reposition water tank onto the base with the water level window on the right side of the water tank. NOTE: Allow about 10 seconds for water to flow from water tank into the base before you turn the unit on.
  • 6 Add essential oil to sponge in the essential oil tray. Note this is an additional feature and not required to run the unit.
  • 7 A. With the knob in the OFF position, plug unit into a wall socket. Rotate the knob clockwise and you should feel a click and the indicator light will turn green.
    B. Rotate knob clockwise to increase the intensity of the mist.
    C. Press the LED button to turn on the LED night light located inside the water tank. The water level window on the right side of the unit should light up blue. Press LED button again to turn off LED light.
    D. The unit features an “Auto Shut Off" safety feature. When the unit is low on water, it will cut off the atomizer to stop the mist and the indicator light will turn red. To refill water tank, turn knob to OFF position, unplug from wall socket and repeat Steps 1-7.


primary cause


Indicator light not illuminated with no mist.

Primary Cause

Power supply cord is not properly plugged into wall socket.

Power switch is not turned on.


Plug the power supply cord into a wall socket.

Rotate knob clockwise to power on.


Indicator light is red with no mist.

Primary Cause

A. There is no water in tank.

B. Atomizer is dirty or floater is missing or stuck to the bottom.

C. Knob was not turned to off position during refilling.

D. Unit was turned on too quickly when tank was attached to base.

E. Unit reset needed.

F. Too much moisture/humidity in circuit board.


A. Add water to tank.

B. Clean base, atomizer, and floater according to section 6 Maintenance. Check to make sure floater is not stuck to the bottom. With the unit UNPLUGGED, add enough water directly to the base and make sure the floater floats.

C. Turn knob to off position, then turn knob to on position.

D. Turn knob to off position and wait 10 seconds before turning back on.

E. Turn knob to off position. Unplug unit from the wall and wait 2 min. Plug unit back into wall, fill water tank with water, and turn knob to on position.

F. Unplug unit from wall. Empty base of all water, dry with towel, turn upside down and let dry for 24 hours.


Indicator light is green with little or no mist.

Primary Cause

Atomizer is dirty.


Clean base and atomizer according to section Maintenance


Mist has a bad odor.

Primary Cause

The water, tank, or base is not clean.


Clean base and atomizer according to section Maintenance


Humidifier is emitting a white dust/residue.

Primary Cause

Use of tap water with a high mineral content, aka “hard water".


Clean tank and base and use only demineralized or distilled water.


  • Model No. EC-H
  • Type Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • Power 25 W
  • Voltage 120V/60Hz
  • Capacity 6.0 L
  • Noise <40 dB
  • Output Mist 270 ml/h (±20%, 77°F)


WARNING: Before performing any type of maintenance and cleaning, be sure to unplug the unit from its power source.


Turn unit OFF and lift the water tank from the base and rotate the valve counter-clockwise to unscrew it. Empty the water tank and wash tank and valve with mild dish detergent and warm water.


Turn unit OFF and unplug from wall socket.

Warning: Use both hands to lift entire base and tilt to one side to pour water out as shown in (Fig. 5). Use mild dish soap and water to clean the base and clean away any residue near the floater and the atomizer with a brush as shown in (Fig. 5). Only pour water into the base using a cup, never direct from a faucet. Never place the base under running water as this could cause water flow to reach the motor located at the bottom of the base.

Fig. 5 TOP VIEW OF BASE Fig. 5

Rinse soft cloth in warm water below 104°F, add a small amount of mild dish soap to soft cloth, and wipe off any surface stains.

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